No one will wait for you to build your little mud hut while across the border, your neighbor is putting the finishing touches on his castle, complete with border outposts as far as the eye can see. Sense what is to come? To keep up with the Jones’s it is imperative to invest in architecture. Building defenses faster and stronger is what you’re looking for when you dedicate money to the architecture department. The number of villagers who will sacrifice their little lives in the name of your great cause is inconsequential; what matters is that it gets done ASAP!

Opens the way to higher level of buildings.
Decreases the time for constructing a building by 0.25 times.
Decreases the price for constructing a building by 0.05 times*.

  • *The formula to calculate the decrease in time is – (Base price of the building)/(1+0.15*whatever level of architecture you have). The price it the same way only 0.05 must be plugged in.

Level 1:

  • Opens the technology Military Architecture

Every other level:

  • Decreases the price by 0.05 times and the time by 0.25 times


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 200 wood, 100 stone, 100 gold

Necessary technologies to research Architecture:

  • Level 1 University

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