Heavy well made armor is the thing that can give strength to every soldier. The length of time you can endure the enemy’s blows without getting your head chopped off is a factor that cannot be undermined. It gives confidence to you soldiers to go in the heat of battle with no fear, while frustrating your enemies when they discover that your armor is impregnable. The armor guarantees that after the battle your army will remain with decent number of men to fight another day. All 30 kilograms of it are worth carrying around when they are the only thing between your easily hurt body and that heavy spear flying your way.

Adds +1 to the armor of all units.


  • Level 1: +1 Armor, necessary for Tactics.
  • Level 2: +1 Armor
  • Level 3: +1 Armor
  • Level 4: +1 Armor
  • Level 5: Necessary for the unit Heavy swordsman, +1 Armor.
  • Level 6: Necessary for the unit Heavy cavalry, +1 Armor.
  • Level 7: +1 Armor
  • Level 8: Necessary for the unit Phalanx, +1 Armor.
  • Level 9: Necessary for the unit Guardian, +1 Armor.
  • Level 10: Necessary for the unit Paladin, +1 Armor.

Every level gives:

  • +1 Armor (after the 10th )


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 1250iron, 1000gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 University

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