In Imperia Online buildings are as important as any other thing. Without them you cannot produce any of the resources with the exception of gold. Buildings do not require any type of building slots or take any space. The cost incrementaion of buildings is different from each other just as the time required to construct it.

Every time you construct a building it goes up in "Level". Each new Building Level increments the building cost, and construction time. Also as Buildings Level and its cost and construction time are raised so is the item produced by that particular building. Every building has its own Cost, Construction Time, and Production formulas.

Example: When starting the game building a Lumbermill can cost 100 Wood and 100 Iron and take 40 seconds for the construction to finish. When upgrading the Lumbermill to the next level(2) it would cost 110 Wood and 115 Iron and could take 1 minute to finish the construction.1

Other factors such as specific research types can contribute to a change in either Cost and Construction Time of some buildings.

Building Type:



Iron Mine

Stone Quarry


Depot Station

Infantry Barracks

Shooting Range

Cavalry Barracks

Siege Workshop


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