There is only one sure way to control a population: bureaucracy. Forget about customer service, computer databases and, “we’ll get back to you by the end of the day, sir”. This is Medieval- style administration Baby! Far and wide, stretches the long desk of The Man, (your Man). It is The Man’s job to keep a healthy distance between you and the angry mob in your province, via rule of law. Everything must be written in black ink, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, using legible printed script. Your army of Clerks keeps your economy in check by controlling those far-flung provinces while also keeping an eye on things afoot closer to home.

Increases the production efficiency of the provinces, negating the drop in production rates with every new province.

Level 1: +5% efficiency (you cannot have more than 100%)

Every level gives:

  • +5% efficiency


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 100 wood, 25 iron, 50 stone, 600 gold


  • 1st Province: 100% resource gathering;
  • 2nd Province: 80% resource gathering;
  • 3rd Province: 60% resource gathering;
  • 4th Province: 40% resource gathering;
  • 5th Province: 20% resource gathering;
  • 6th Province: 0% resource gathering;
  • 7th Province: 0% resource gathering and so on…
  • *Every other province is at 0%.
  • *Every level of bureaucracy raises the efficiency by 5%, you may not go over 100%. If you have level 20 of bureaucracy all of your provinces will work at 100% efficiency.

Necessary technologies:
Level 1 University

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