The goal of every empire is to concentrate all power with one person. When this happens, efficiency quickly spreads. The provinces report to the centralized power and they, in turn, to the Emperor. All is well. And when all is as it should be, we turn our glance, where? To the neighbor! The more advanced the organization of the Emperor, the easier it is to manage lands………why not include the lands of your dear neighbor too? After all it is a heavy burden to carry, and we surely can lend a hand…whether he needs it or not!

Increases the number of provinces that can be colonized.
Every level gives: +1 additional province for colonizing.


  • Every new level costs x3 more than the previous

Base price:

  • 28000 wood, 1890 iron, 25000 stone, 55000 gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 Centralization needs level 1 University
  • Level 5 centralization needs level 1 Trade, level 4 Bureaucracy, level 1 Cartography, level 5 Border outposts, level 1 Medicine.

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