There is nothing more beautiful to gaze upon than the site of vast fields of wholesome wheat. Endless plains covered with the plant that gives us our food – bread. Man has been feeding on grain since the beginning of civilization; one might say it has spawned civilization itself. The great open fields covered with wheat will guarantee you two things: 1. Happy and well fed imperial subjects that spontaneously come out on the streets to commemorate the name of their all knowing and giving Emperor, and 2, a high spirited army, ready to take even the strongest fortress in the name of their Emperor. Take care of your farms, plant them in the spacious plains and they will pay you back with high yields at least twice a year.

Increases the limit of the province population.


  • 1500 villagers

Every level gives:

  • 10% more room than the previous level


  • 25% more than the previous level

Base price:

  • 2000 wood, 70 iron

Necessary technologies:

  • For farm 6, level 1 Architecture is necessary
  • For farm 8, level 1 Trade is necessary

The Farm summarizes the infrastructual level of a province. It gives the limit of the population, that you can reach in a province(the army is not taken in consideration).

That said Farm is about the most important building in a province because without further improvement of Farms results in zero Province development. The total size of your Province depends on the Level of your Farm. Also the because the Farm is one of your most important building for Province development it is also one of the most expensive building to upgrade. Even if the price is high you must remember that the rewards are plentifull.

At the start of the game or new Era each player starts with a Level 4 Farm.

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