Do you want your castle to be untakable? Do you want to be the undisputed master of your provinces? Do you want your neighbors’ army buried beneath your city walls? Do you want new towers and warriors in your stronghold? Do you want soldiers to precisely patrol your walls? Do you want cascades of burning oil, logs and various unmentionable objects to be poured upon your enemies when they approach your front gate? The answers are obvious –yes, yes, YES! Simply upgrade your level of fortification to reach new levels of profane warfare!

Increases the strength of the fortress walls by 10% per level.
Necessary for higher levels of fortresses.

Level 1:

  • Fortress 4 (level 4 M. Architecture is also necessary)

Level 2:

  • Fortress 6(level 6 M. Architecture is also necessary)

Every level gives:

  • 10% stronger walls

Base price:

  • 1600 wood, 300 iron, 2000 stone, 1600 gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 of Military Architecture

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