“My house is my fortress”….literally. This is the thought that passes through the head of anyone who stands behind the thick walls of his fortress that keeps him safe from enemies and friends alike. The stronghold is the symbol of power and control over a province. The high walls, riddled with towers and battlements show who’s in power from afar. From his fortress any ruler can safely control his land, people, army and pretty much everything else that goes on in an empire. The army is always deployed in and around strongholds, ready to go where the need arises. The fortress also has warehouses to store all things of importance, so they are kept safe behind the stone walls. In short, if you have a fortress, you have security and business goes well. If you don’t have a fortress…. The neighbor is always close by to raid and burn you unprotected province, right?

Defends the province.
Increases the production in the province.
Protects the gathered resources of the province.

Base garrison:

  • 100 soldiers

Every level gives:

  • $x2$ the garrison of the previous level
  • 10% increased production of all resources


  • Every level increases in price by $x4$

Basic price:

  • 300 wood, 1000 stone

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 Fortress needs, Level 4 Farm, Level 4 Lumber mill, level 2 Stone quarry
  • Level 4 Fortress needs level 1 Fortification and level 3 Military Architecture
  • Level 6 Fortress needs level 2 Fortification and level 5 Military Architecture


  • If a fortress is taken, it is considered destroyed and needs repairs. The repairs cost 1/5 of the amount to build it in stone. The rebuilding is instant. Until the fortress is restored, no other building can be constructed in this province, all the other qualities of the fortress remain functional.
  • All units within the fortress do not require upkeep!

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