A sure sign for a rapidly growing empire is the existence of great public works. After every war, there is time of peace, during which the destructive energy of an empire must be turned into completing great constructions. For all types of constructions wood is needed. However, you can’t just go into the forest, chop down a tree and build a house. The tree must be first cut down, then dressed, polished, measured, sorted and so on. It is the lumber mill’s job to guarantee that your imperial forest will systematically turn into high quality building materials.

This is where the wood is chopped -produced.


  • 600 workers

Base production:

  • 10 wood/hour for every 100 workers

Every level gives:

  • 5% more working places than the previous level


  • 25% more than the previous level

Base price:

  • 20 wood, 20 iron

Necessary technologies:

  • Lumber mill 10 needs level 1 Architecture

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