Melee Attack

The balance of a battle axe and the depth in achieves when entering a human scull is the subject of research in another development division in you war ministry. When it comes to a grand scale hack and slash battle, nothing can give you more chance for victory (or at least survival) than the good old well balanced sword. Of course, you could skip on all that, saving time and money, and count on pitch forks, stones and numerical supremacy of 5 to 1 over the enemy…. However counting your dead after the battle will not be fun!

Adds +1 to the attack of all melee units.
Necessary for discovering more advanced units.


  • Level 1: Discovers the units Swordsman and Light Cavalry, necessary for Tactics.
  • Level 2: +1 Attack
  • Level 3: +1 Attack
  • Level 4: +1 Attack
  • Level 5: Necessary for the units Heavy Cavalry and Heavy Swordsman.
  • Level 6: +1 Attack
  • Level 7: +1 Attack
  • Level 8: +1 Attack
  • Level 9: Necessary for the unit Guardian.
  • Level 10: Necessary for the unit Paladin.

Every level gives:

  • +1 Attack (after the 10th )


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 800 iron, 500 gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 University

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