Military Academy

What is the most important part of an army? It’s general is a good guess. Since it is clear they don’t grow on trees, you might start thinking about increasing your military budget by quite a bit. Those military academies are an expensive thing to have. However having 6-7 generals will greatly increase your flexibility in training and attacking you enemies. Don’t wait for the enemy to show you why it is important to have more generals….

Trains Generals for the army*.
Allows training of more groups of troops in the same barracks (without going over the limit of the barracks).


  • 1 General, 1 army in attack, 1 group of soldiers to be trained

Every level gives:

  • + 1 General, +1 group of soldiers


  • Every level is x4 as expensive as the previous one

Base price:

  • 20wood, 20 iron, 20stone, 20gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 Military Academy needs, Level 1 University
  • Level 5 Military Academy needs, Level 5 University, Level 5 Centralization

Example of what training groups mean: If your barracks can train maxim of 1000 soldiers, but you have ordered just 100 soldiers, you can order more groups before the first ones are done, if you have free Generals to do so.(if you have Military academy 5, you will be able to order 5x200, without having to wait for the first ones to be done, you cannot go over the maximum limit however)

*The General Unit does not exist like the rest – you cannot control it. It is taken for granted that the General leads the army in attack – you don’t have to command it as a separate unit.

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