Military Architecture

While it is tolerable, if not expected, for the civilian population to take their sweet time constructing their buildings, in the military this is unacceptable. If it can’t be done by the army in a week, then it simply can’t be done! Only here your engineering division will be trained in the fine art of structural fortification and how to make your castle tower the envy of all. In the army no one rests, no one complains and no on wiggles out of work! Everything is exactly as you –the commander in chief- wants it to be! Only one thing remains, the budget. Oh well, big deal, the villagers can always go another week without eating, right?!?!

Opens the access to Fortification.
Necessary to build higher levels of Fortresses.
Decreasing the time necessary to construct fortresses by 0.15 times per level.

Every level gives:

  • 0.15 decrease of building time*
  • *The decrease in time is calculated as the university bonuses are.


  • Level 4: Fortress 4 (Fortification 1 is necessary as well)
  • Level 6: Fortress 6 (Fortification 2 is necessary as well)


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 400 wood, 200 stone, 300 gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Military Architecture requires level 1 Architecture

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