Military Medicine

Nope, don’t hope to find the biological weapons department here. First of all the microscope is not even invented and second – it is already a biological war out there – we got it all, plague, small pox, cholera… you name it and it is here. All roaming in free form around the world with ship rats… However you will find wonderful field surgeons, who can in no time fix a cut, arrow hole, wrap your broken head with a dirty piece of cloth and leave you in prayers, ready to go back in the fray….. Of course they can’t put your leg or arm back, but not to worry – you can move around with just one leg, right? Or hold the axe with your left hand…..

Increases the percentage of casualty recovery after a battle.

Every level gives:

  • 2% bonus to recovery rate.


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 5000 gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 medicine

If your recovery rate is 17% and you have a bonus of 14% (7th level of Military medicine), then your total recovery rate will be 29%

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