Stone Quarry

The stone quarry is what one could call work in extreme conditions. The stone that builds our homes, the walls of our impregnable fortresses and of course, the castles and villas of our wise and generous emperor come from the stone quarries.В Thousands of serfs work in horrible conditions so this important building material is acquired. With or without food and water for the workers, the material must be dug and delivered… Never mind the scorching sun; never mind the backache, never mind the hunger… The stone is needed, and the stone is delivered, on time, every time… or heads will roll!

This is where the stone is produced.


  • 600 workers

Base production:

  • 5 stone/hour for every 100 workers

Every level gives:

  • 5% more working places than the previous level


  • 25% more than the previous level

Base price:

  • 60 wood, 12 iron

Necessary technologies:

  • Lumber mill 10 needs level 1 Architecture

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