It is normal for any lord to surround himself with wise educated men. After all your loyal humble subjects need guidance in their lives… to avoid them turning away from the civilized behavior and descending into uncontrollable rabble of barbarian nature that has the nasty habit of beheading their Emperors. Where can we find such people? In the University, of course! This is the place where the brightest minds of your realm work day and night to achieve technical supremacy for lord and country. The university helps discover the secrets of complicated advances much faster, and more importantly – cheaper, to make them a bit more affordable…

Necessary to research other technologies.
Decreases the time for research by $0.25 times$*
Decreases the price for research by $0.05 times$*

  • *The formula to calculate the decrease in price and time is (Base price of the technology)/(1+0.1*University Level).


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 200 wood, 100 stone, 100 gold

Necessary buildings:

  • Level 1 University needs a Stone Tower (level 1 Fortress)

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