War Horses

You can’t just catch a wild horse, put a saddle, heavy armor, and even heavier armored knight on it and expect it to know what to do. The horse is an animal that needs care and training just as much as its rider does. It can take months even years, large portions of nerves and most of all gold to train your war horses. However when the job is done you will have exactly what you paid for – your own little battle tanks.

Necessary for the discovery of heavier cavalry.
Increases the speed of the cavalry.


  • Level 1: +3% Speed, necessary for Light Cavalry and Tactics2(-ро ниво: +3% Скорост1)2
  • Level 2: +3% Speed
  • Level 3: +3% Speed
  • Level 4: +3% Speed
  • Level 5: +3% Necessary for the unit Heavy cavalry.
  • Level 6: +3% Speed
  • Level 7: +3% Necessary for the unit Paladin.

Every level gives:

  • +3% Speed (after 7th)


  • Formula 1

Base price:

  • 1500 wood, 400 iron, 1100gold

Necessary technologies:

  • Level 1 University

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